The most stable and reliable stablecoin
product on the market.

When stability means everything.

We believe that the market and exchanges should start taking initiative to de-couple crypto trading pairs from BTC and ETH and replace with a more stable fiat based pairing. This is the reason why we created FiatPeg to provide stability for traders, investors and exchanges alike.

FiatPeg is a cryptocurrency token with a stable value. It is the most stable and reliable stablecoin product on the market.


FiatPeg tokens are 100% backed with real assets.


FiatPeg has a regulatory requirement for a full yearly audit. In addition, auditors will audit assets on a quarterly basis with asset statement reports to be posted publicly.


May 1, 2018 FiatPeg received approval from the Jersey Financial Services Commission. FiatPeg must adhere to several conditions such as yearly audited financials, appointment of an approved administrator and other requirements that will solidify FiatPeg as a stable, trusted and reliable financial product.


FiatPeg can be redeemed for face value at anytime.


FiatPeg is built on top of the proven and trusted NEO blockchain so you know your assets are secure. It also means you will enjoy super fast and free transactions.