Why FiatPeg?

Benefits for traders and investors

  • Fast, transfer tokens to exchangs or others in less than a minute.
  • Free, there are no fees to use FiatPeg.
  • Stable valuation pegged to Fiat currencies.
  • Storage options, paper wallet, Mac/PC wallet, web wallets and exchange wallets.
  • Easy to use, no guessing on how much fees or gas needed for transactions.

*For purchases under $100k

Benefits for exchanges

  • Stable pairings – use as a base currency for stable cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Beneficial and easy to use stablecoin for your customers.
  • Easy to integrate – based on the NEO blockchain.
  • Fast transfers and transactions for both exchanges and customers.

* For purchases over $100K

Please fill in the details below and we will be in contact shortly.
-- OTC


  • January 2018 – FiatPeg USD (PEGUSD) development complete.
  • March 2018 – FiatPeg 3rd party security audit complete (by Red4Sec).
  • May 1 – FiatPeg approved by the regulator JFSC in Jersey.
  • May – FiatPeg website launched.
  • June – FiatPeg launches PEGUSD on NEO mainnet.
  • June – FiatPeg available for OTC purchase for exchanges and accredited investors.
  • July – Audit partner announced.
  • July – Exchange partner announced for retail customers to purchase FiatPeg.
  • August 31, 2018 – First asset report released.